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Defense industry projects

Oren & Co. implements projects in the field of refrigeration systems for cooling military installations for Antennas and databases.

The systems are characterized by the following parameters:

  • Operating in extreme conditions

  • A combination of special types of materials to minimize dimensions and weights

  • Structure and mechanical systems that allow transport through harsh roads or installation on ships in sea conditions

  • Very high efficiency at all operational conditions

  • Performing analyzes to adjust product design depending on the application and execution tests for the required environmental conditions in varying loads

  • Human engineering and systems engineering from the design and construction through to the respective operating in military standards

  • Advanced operating system also allows remote control operation

  • Adapting the systems, the structure and the monitoring and control systems for compliance with military maintenance requirements in the field

Oren & Co. has been an Authorized Military Industries supplier for Israel Aircraft Industries for land, transportable and sea military cooling systems. Cooling units in various models are built for mobile, sea and stationary applications while complying with the terms of development and design according to customer requirements and international military standards as required by product type and for matching the conditions of extreme performance.

Military cooling systems are characterized by a very high reliability and have been installed worldwide over the years for critical military systems.

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