Cooling and Freezing Systems

Oren & Co. have been construction cooling and freezing systems matched to customer needs for decades, using the most advanced technologies for optimal adaptation to the environmental conditions, maintenance status and energy efficiency.
Oren & Co. division of planning and implementation of refrigeration and freezer units has extensive experience in building units for commercial industries, storage facilities and the military market, emphasizing the reliability of the units, installed with adaptation to the environmental conditions and thus achieving high levels of energy efficiency

Oren & Co. cooling and freezing systems benefits:

  • High reliability with minimal maintenance

  • Human engineering for operation and maintenance

  • Optimal cooling – continuous stable temperature

  • Structure and finishing adapted to the location, the environmental conditions and customer needs

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Low cooling liquid by two-step process to low temperatures or extreme ambient temperature using single-stage and double stage compressors

  • Control and warning systems based PLC and HMI screens including the possibility of monitoring and control by wireless communications

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