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ION ScaleBuster® based system for scale and corrosion treatment  

The basic treatment element for scale and corrosion is the ION ScaleBuster®


ION ScaleBuster® - is a product line based on an environmentally friendly technology (patented in Europe, USA and many other countries), developed for the treatment and prevention of lime scale and corrosion. The component is used by leading companies and the largest industries in the world dealing with the challenges of water treatment, There are more than 300,000 installations worldwide.

The Problem

Lime scale and corrosion develop on the equipment disrupting the flow of water, creating blocks and reducing efficiency. As a result, we find an increase in downtime and maintenance proceedings which are costly. Chemical treatments for preventing or reducing lime scale and corrosion incur continuous costs of both materials and their removal (in accordance with regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous materials), create environmental pollution, harm the molds and the other water related parts and add risks for occupational health and safety. Reverse osmosis solution harm the molds and the related parts because of the low PH.


Lime scale

The basic function of the ION ScaleBuster® range of devices is to remove and prevent lime scale and corrosion which form in water pipes, molding systems, sprinkles system, heating appliances and processing equipment.

Oren & Co. builds side stream systems to treat lime scale and corrosion in close water systems.

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