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Institutions and enterprises

Oren & Co. has completed many projects for enterprises in Israel and worldwide.
Most of the company's customers are repeat customers, who are expanding their operations.
The company constructs systems designed either by external design and engineering firms or by utilizing its own engineering department.


All systems are designed and built according to the customers specifications, optimizing compatibility to the customers' unique needs.

Over the years, the company has carried out major projects and large refrigeration facilities for the plastics industries, dairies, agricultural products storage, food plants and pharmaceutical factories. The company has completed  projects for the Ministry of Defense and Health, special air treatment solutions for chemical plants, special projects for fast cooling of large masses of agricultural products, facilities for testing in extreme temperatures as well as supplying facilities to the Israeli Standards Institute and the Defense Ministry for the purpose of periodic inspections.

Works are finished on site, including the installation of refrigeration units, air treatment units, water piping, construction of cold rooms, insulation, electricity, communications, controlling and monitoring systems. The entire work is done to the highest standards under ISO-9001 with full compatibility to international standards and customer needs.

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