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TT and TTS sensors

Advanced Temperature monitoring and alarming system

The most advanced system for monitoring temperature in refrigeration units, freezing facilities (supermarkets, food chains, storage houses and refrigeration trucks)

The new era of temperature monitoring, data logging, alerts andThe new era of temperature monitoring, data logging, alerts and statistics, monitoring from anywhere and transferring data anywhere using an advanced system associated with advanced Oren & Co. temperature sensors technology, Cloud technology and advanced transmitter/receiver wireless alarming system technology of Tyco (Visonic).

The system includes two basic kinds of sensors:

  • TT- Cooling system air temperature sensors and advanced analysis software for recognizing failures and alarming in case of problems

  • TTS- Product heat capacity simulator temperature sensor to prevent false alarms. The sensor ignores changes in temperature in the cooling facility caused by opening the door, the diffuser defrosting cycle, inserting of new “hot” products to the room etc.


Detailed explanation on how the system and the TT and TTS sensors

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