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יחידות עיבוי לחדר איחסון --20
2012-05-21 10.56.20
יחידות עיבוי לחדר איחסון --20
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For decades Oren & Co. have been manufacturing custom made chillers for industry, military and large buildings, with the most advanced technologies providing energy efficiency and reliability for operation and maintenance. These systems are designed to meet customer needs in relation to environmental conditions, location and output.

Oren Co. Chillers benefits:

  • Highest reliability with minimal maintenance

  • Optimal cooling with stable temperature

  • Matching customer needs, structure and finishing depending on the location of units including using aluminum and stainless steel materials. Chillers designed and built for operating externally or in closed rooms with or without enclosed structures

  • High Energy Efficiency

  • Low cooling liquid two-step process to low temperatures or extreme ambient temperature fields using single-stage compressors and double stage compressor.

  • Cascading compressors for high efficiency and higher MTBF (mean time before failure)

  • Resistant to extreme environmental conditions including compliance with the corrosive environment

  • Control and warning systems based PLC and HMI screens including the possibility of monitoring and control by wireless communications

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