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Oran & Co. are engaged in importing high quality products for the refrigeration industry, creating a binding relationship with leading companies abroad. This includes importing, installing and onsite service of customer specific products.


MIV Born in 1998 in a small workshop in Avigliana, today it produces in a modern factory. MIV Insulating Systems has undoubtedly become one of the leading companies in the field of industrial cold store doors.

Maintaining its purely artisan vocation, with attention to detail and quality, MIV now produces industrially thousands of industrial doors for widely differing world markets.

MIV company website 


Oren Co. serves as the exclusive representative of the Dutch company SES (COLFAX).

SES (Colfax) produces high-power quality units for petrochemical plants.
SES units are capable of handling a continuous workload of 25,000 hours before service.

ses (colfax) compny website


Heatax build energy saving fresh air units for closed air-conditioned spaces


Heatex Company Website


High speed automatic doors
OCM is an Italian company that has been specializing in the production of high speed industrial doors for over 60 years and meets the most stringent European standards.

ocm company website


Oren Co. is the exclusive representative of the Italian company BLUEBOX.
BLUEBOX is known for producing a variety of chillers with short delivery lead-time without compromising on quality.


BLUEBOX Company Website

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