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Oren Co., Ltd. Refrigeration Engineering specializes in providing unique solutions for refrigeration facilities and acclimatization.
This family company has been operating in Israel continuously since 1942 in the development, design, production, installation and servicing of a range of refrigeration products for commercial, industrial, agricultural and military uses.

 Oren Co. provides a professional and reliable service to industry and specializes in a wide variety of industry areas such as:

  • Cooling - Processing and storing food and agricultural products and industrial materials.

  • Freezing - Processing and storage of food and materials.

  • Drying compressed air.

  • Acclimatization environments for industrial manufacturing processes and agriculture.

  • Building storage rooms and display refrigerators for products at different temperatures.

  • Climate solutions for electrical switchboards and electronic equipment environments.

  • Solutions for non-standard and special requirements of customers in Israel and abroad.

  • Marketing unique solutions for refrigerator, freezers and industrial doors with sophisticated radar components 

  • Unique solutions for temperature monitoring and alarm systems in refrigeration and cooling rooms combined with advanced cloud technology. (The sensors prevent false alarms by monitoring the temperatures and simulating the products’ heat capacity.)

  • Unique systems to treat and prevent lime scale and corrosion in water systems utilizing Canadian technologies and devices, creating a maintenance free and chemical free solution.

  • Construction of cooling systems piping, including; stainless steel pipes, steel pipes, PVC, Polyethylene and advanced connection methods of internal welding and electro fusion, consumer connections and pipe supports.

  • for more information about our custom made method of working


Oren & Co. provides creative solutions for the unique requirements of customers in Israel and abroad, including;

Cooling systems for wineries, dairies and pharmaceutical companies
• Acclimatization rooms
• Refrigeration and cooling tunnels for food processing
• Continuous cooling systems for low temperatures (-70°C),
• Controlled freezing rooms for conducting airborne systems tests in extreme temperatures
• Fast cooling systems (blast cooling) for agricultural products

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